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Jim Hoerricks

47 Years

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Whilst I believe wholeheartedly that the work recommends the craftsman, I do understand that sometimes people may require additional verification. As such, references are available upon request.


Jim is a Digital Forensic Analyst, instructor, professor, public speaker, best selling author, Master Mason, Combat Wrestling / са́мбо / Система practitioner / instructor, and autistic adult. Professional biography. Masonic biography.

Certifications / Licenses

  • General Radiotelephone Operators License, Serial Number PG00003984
    Federal Communications Commission, March 2002
  • Adobe Photoshop CS, Transcript ID 191832
    BrainBench, October 2005
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, Transcript ID 191832
    BrainBench, May 2006
  • Mobile Phone Seizure Certification, Certificate Number 1643
    BKForensics, October 2010
  • Amped Certified Analyst
    Amped Software North America. July 2012 - Re-certified: July 2015, July 2018
  • Amped Certified Instructor
    Amped Software North America. July 2012 - Re-certified: July 2015, July 2018
  • Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository (LEEDIR) Certified.
    Citizen Global, June 2014.
  • ORCID - 0000-0002-9625-9468 (Verify)
  • Lodge Management Certification (2016) - California Grand Lodge F&AM
  • Masonic Funeral Service Certification - California Grand Lodge F&AM
  • DEAC - Preparing for DEAC Accreditation (verify)
  • edX - Course Creator (edX 101, edX Blended Learning, edX VideoX, edX Studio X).
  • PN Level 1 Certified (Pn1). Precision Nutrition. Toronto, Canada
  • Duolingo Certified Educator (verify).
  • Audio Video Forensic Analyst (AVFA) (Certification ID: AVFA223613) (Verify)
    ETA-Intl., May 2019 - May 2023
  • Camtasia 2019 Certification (verify).

Expert Testimony

  • People v. Carpenter (3CR13501) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2004 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Cruz (4CR06272) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2004 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Casey (PA049315) Los Angeles County Superior Court, January 2005 (Video Clarification)
  • People v. Garcia (62-55517) Sacramento County Superior Court, October 2006 (Video Clarification & Content Analysis)
  • People v. Abdullah (BA353334) Los Angeles County Superior Court, December 2009 (Video Authentication)
  • People v. Kemp (BA387506) Los Angeles County Superior Court, May 2014 (Video Clarification & Content Analysis)
  • NV vs. Stewart (C-16-315677-3) Clark County District Court, August 2017 (Video Clarification & Content Analysis)

General Testimony

  • People v. Vann (BA351183) Los Angeles County Superior Court, March 2010
    (Testified as to my involvement in a digital multimedia evidence retrieval)
  • People v. Childress (BA356413) Los Angeles County Superior Court, November 2011
    (Testified as to my downloading of a mobile phone’s contents)
  • People v. Nunez-Sharp / Lopez (BA397214) Los Angeles County Superior Court, March 2015
    (Testified as to my involvement in a digital multimedia evidence retrieval)


  • In re Carol Ann Worthman (A032096) Los Angeles County Superior Court, April 2008
    Declaration in support of the need for original documents for authentication purposes
  • Hor vs City of Seattle (10-2-34403-9SEA) King County Superior Court, October 2012
    Declaration as to forensic audio analysis work performed to identify speakers and sirens in audio recording
  • People v Payton (2010-002-126) Ventura County Superior Court, March 2012
    Declaration as to image authentication work performed, authentication of digital images.
  • People v Goodlow (BA422433) Los Angeles County Superior Court, November 2014
    Declaration as to review of opposing expert’s work in facial imaging.


  • Az. v. Awad (CR-2017-1727) Mohave County Superior Court, August 2018 (Daubert Hearing on Image Authentication)
  • US v Wells (3:13-cr-00008-SLG) US Federal Court, District of Alaska, July 2019 (Daubert Hearing on Forensic Video Analysis, Photogrammetry, Vehicle Make / Model Determination, Photographic Comparison, and industry best practices. (qualification)
Click here to download my testimony list.

Whilst the above represents those cases that have gone to trial, I have provided analysis and assistance in well over five thousand cases since 2001. From general processing and conversions, clarification / enhancement, to photogrammetry, to authentication, chances are your request is not unique. Please feel free to ask me about your case.

Major Publications

Autism Articles

  • The "lie detector" and sensory processing disorder. (link)
  • When actually autistic people speak, great things can happen. (link)
  • Going Home (link)

Other Articles

  • Articles on LinkedIn. (link)
  • Articles on the Amped Software Blog. (link)
  • Articles on the Forensic Photoshop Blog. (link)
  • Articles on the LA Newsrag - for the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County. (link) (link)
  • Articles, speech transcripts, and other writing related to Freemasonry or religion available upon request. (link)
  • Journal of Forensic Identification - re: Lack of Enforcement of Standards as Regards the Testing of Human Subjects (link)
  • Journal of Forensic Identification - re: A Comparison of Reverse Projection and Laser Scanning Photogrammetry (link)
  • Chartered Society of Forensic Science (UK) - Statistics for Digital / Multimedia Forensic Analysts - August 2019 CSEye (link)
  • eForensics Magazine:
       Statistics for Forensic Analysts (link)
       A Quantitative Comparison of Common Interpolation Methods - a study investigating common interpolation methods
            used in digital / multimedia forensic analysts (link)

Statement of Qualifications

Specialized Training

Public Speaking / TV Show Examples

  • Click here for video from an LA District Attorney's Saturday Seminar (2008) on using CCTV evidence in court.
    I start about 25 minutes into the session.
  • Click here to watch Nazi Scrapbooks from Hell (National Geographic Channel).
    My scene begins about the 42 minute mark.
  • Click here to watch Monster Quest: Terror from the Sky (History Channel).
    My scene begins about the 24 minute mark.

Masonic Lectures. Papers, and Presentations

  • Classroom Director - Pasadena Scottish Rite, AASR. Pasadena, Ca. 2008-2014
  • Internal Alchemy. MSRICF. Long Beach, CA. February, 2008
  • Be the hero that you're waiting for. Commentary on the 15th Degree of the AASR. Pasadena Scottish Rite. February, 2009
  • Robert Burns - a man's a man for a' that. Glendale Lodge #244. January 2012
  • Increasing Participation and Membership in the Lodge. West Covina Lodge #446. June, 2012
  • The Benevolence of Masonic Charity. Pasadena Scottish Rite, AASR. October, 2017
  • The Masonic Rite of Destitution. Archimedes Masonic Club. April, 2018
  • Reflections on the Circumpunct - from the metaphysical to the practical. Oasis Lodge #854. May, 2018.
  • Harmony - the strength and support of all societies. An exploration of the role of the Masonic Lodge in political and societal problem solving. Burbank Lodge #406. June 2018
  • The Deil’s Awa wi’ Rabbie Burns. How a Parcel of Rogues have given us the wrong version of such an important historical figure ... and what we can do to fix it. Royal Order of Scotland. August, 2018.
  • Request a copy of the paper or presentation featured here.
  • Click here to schedule a lecture at your Masonic function.

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